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Iran has a rich and diversified history with a chronology of different periods, each one characterized by its own architecture, art forms and literature. The first recorded history of the country goes back as far as 7000 B.C.

The first distinct people to emerge around 3800 B.C. were the Elamites (3000 B.C to 639 B.C) who were influenced to a large extent by the Sumerians.

It was during this period that successive waves of immigrants of Indo/European origin set up camp on the central plateau. A kind of feudal system was developed in Iran and is mentioned for the first time in 844 B.C. in Assyrian texts.

The Mèdes Empire (825 B.C.) reunified the country but was the scene of many battles and invasions. Several dynasties from this time founded great empires, stretching from the borders of India and Asia-Minor to the Mediterranean in the West.

As for the Islamic period, the monuments which were left from reigning dynasties and escaped destruction from invading tribes from the East such as the Mongols and the Timurids are fascinating and significant, particularly those of the Safavid Dynasty (1501-1736).

The best time to travel to Iran is between March and May and also between September and November when the weather is mild and generally pleasant. But if you are interested in skiing and other winter sports, winter is quite enjoyable in Iran.

Iran Food & Drinks

Iran Food & Drinks

Although all provinces have their own dishes and specialties, rice is the staple diet. It is normally eaten as an accompaniment to a variety of kebabs or stews, made with different vegetables, fruits, cereals, and meats. Apart from soft fizzy drinks, some like to drink “Doogh” with their food. It is made from yoghurt mixed in water or tonic water and a little salt.

Iran dress code

Iran dress code

The Islamic dress code requires that ladies wear loose, medium-length coats, and headscarves. Legs must be covered by trousers or tights/stockings. Observing this dress code is necessary at all times in public areas. Men should bear in mind that wearing shorts and sleeveless tops in public is unacceptable.

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