Abbasi Hotel

Abbasi Hotel

The glorious Abbasi Hotel is located in Isfahan .this hotel is one of the oldest and

biggest individual architecture in Iran which is made in safavie era in order of shah

Soltan Hosain Safavie .

At first it was a caravansary. he gave the caravansary to his mother as a gift then it was

called king mother caravansary .


1-14 reception rooms


3- traditional restaurant

4- traditional tea house

5- coffee shop

Address :Isfahan Abbasi hotel , chaharbagh- e – Abbasi AV –Isfahan –Iran.

Distance to places

Naghsh-e-Gahan square :6 minutes

Isfahan bazzar :12 minutes

Ali Ghapou :5 minutes

Chehel setoun :5 minutes

Si o se pole :3 minutes

Airport :45 minutes

Railway:1 hour

Terminal:20 minutes  

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