Arg Hotel

Arg Hotel * * *

Arg Hotel is located in center of Shiraz .it`s near to the famous landmarks of Shiraz.

Facilities arg-hotel

Refrigerator , TV, restaurant, internet, bowl toilet, Iranian toilet, parking, prayer hall,

lobby, satellite

dish, coffee shop, internet in the lobby.

How long does it take to get to the landmarks by car?

Tomb of Saadi Shirazi 19 minutes( 7.6 km)

Eram Garden :13 minutes (4.5km)arg-hotel-lobby

Afif Abad Garden :13 minutes (4.9km)

Delgosha Garden :13 minutes (6.1 km)

Vakil bazzar :2 minutes (902 m)

Qoran gate:17 minutes(6.4km)

Persepolis:57 minuets (56.7 km).

Address : Takhti AV .Shiraz