Yalda night or solstice is one of the oldest Iranian  celebrations,in this celebration traversed the

length of the longest night of the year followed by longer days in the northern hemisphere,which

coincides with the winter solstic is celebrated.

yalda time is between sunset on 30 Azar (the last day of autumn) until sunrise on may day

(the first of winter)is called.

Iranian families in yalda usually have splendid dinner and different fruits special watermelon  .

after spending time together and eating dinner , one of the members of family reads Hafez book.

Yalda is an ancient tradition ,this ceremony is Aryan and followers of Mithraism  it has been held

in Iran for thousands of year, Yalda is the birthday of Mithra or Mehr , 7 thousands years ago our

ancestors found that first winter night is the longest night of the year .

this holiday season is as old as seasons were determined by people , in this night all families come

together and believe that they can release from evil  and blessing the sun were inflaming.

eating nuts,watermelon,grapes and different  of sweets and fruits are the symbol and sign of blessing,

happiness ,health ,abundance .


New year (Nourooz)

Nourooz means new day and the first day of spring. people in Iran and other countries such as

Afghanestan  ,Tagikestan ,SYRIA ,Russa,Georgian,kazakh  Republic, Uzbek Republic,Kurdistan,Albania,

Turkish,China,Turkmenistan,Pakistan,India,Azerbayegan  celebrate this traditional festival .

Iranian celebrate the end of winter and start the first day of spring.

This festival start  2 OR 3 weeks before new year  for example house keepers clean their house and most

of them change their furniture or repair them if  they need .they do the shoping and buying new things

like shoes and clothes . most of house keepers germinate wheat as sign of coming spring. people in Iran

believe that  they should wear new clothes on the first day of nourooz  or new year.

amoo narooz & haji ferooz 4


Troubadour or Haji Firouze is a person who wear a red satin clothe and makes up his face in black color

and red lip .Haji firouze singing  and dancing by taping on the kettle drum to make people happy and

say them new year is coming .

Iranian buy live fish,colored  eggs ,fresh herbs and put them on the table clothe  of Nourooz to celebrate

the first day of spring and rebirth.

things to put on the table clothe of Nourooz

1-wheat to show rebirth

2-Samanuo (a sweet putting  made of wheat germ) symbol of affluence

3-senjed (dried fruit of tree resembles the mountain ash )symbol of love.

4-Garlic :symbol of medicine

5-Apple :symbol of beauty and health .

6- vinegar:symbol of tolerance

7-sumac: symbol of sun rise

8-Hyacinth flower: symbol of spring

Coin: symbol of good fortune and wealth


One of particular Nourooz dish is Shir berenge that makes of milk and rice it can be eaten with sugar or

salt and caraway .the other food Sabzy poolo mahi that makes of green herb ,fish and rice.it can be

served at night or other days of Nourooz.



In Nourooz the young visit the elder at first day of  new year as respect and the older give them new year

gift  or Aidi as blessing to them.



festival of fire is another annual ritual  in Iran , Iranian do it in last Wednesday at the end of each year

(right before new year) and called it red night. in this celebrate people set fire and jump over it .

they believe that fire gets their disease and disasters and gives  them strengthen.

dancing and singing around fire is important for them to confront evil in this traditional night.

Eating nuts is a custom in this night for women want to do oblation.they distribute nuts in relatives and

ask them to pray them(women).












After jumping  over fire  people put some charcoal as sign of misery and salt as sign of evil eye,and a

coin as sign of poverty in a jar and then each person of a family turn the jar around their head and then

the last one put it on the roof and fall it down to break and say throw away all pain and disaster from

house to allay .they believe if they do that they get trough with poverty ,misery,evil eye .


Another custom at festival of fire are consistent of :spoon-hitting,telling the fortune,cooking stew that is

called Abu- darda.



Mehregan  is a Zoroastrian  and Persian  festival .this festival starts  at 10th in Mehr  and continue about

6 days . on this day ,Kaveh Ahangar protested to zahak the evil and  Feraidon conquer Zahak the evil

and put him in to the jail in mount Damavand.