In this kind of tour we planed for you special tour and

roaming around Iran about 7 days .

The advantages of group tours:


2- help you to know the other customs of people in each

 city of Iran.

3-this is kind of budget tour .

4-this is very pleasure and memorable.

Day 1

Arrival in Tehran (the capital of Iran ) here you can visit

luxurious museum, palace, mall such as Glass and

ceramic museum, jewelry museum, Golestan palace, Saad

abad palace, Grand bazzar  where you can buy historical ,

traditional and foreigner trade like: gold, carpet, spice,

handicrafts, traditional food and sweets  etc.

Day 2

Tehran, Kashan, Isfahan

Drive to Isfahan in the way you will have a short stop in

Kashan to visit famous landmarks such as Fin garden,

Tappeh Sialk ,Borojerdi and Tabbatabai house . after

visiting these places go toward Isfahan.

Day 3


in third day you will have full roaming in Isfahan the

museum of Islamic architecture . in this city you can visit 

highlights of Isfahan such as Naghsh e Gahan complex

(A`li Qapue palaces , Shaikh lotfollah, Immam  mosque

and Bazzar )  and Hasht  Behesht I should tell you that you

will visit these landmarks in the morning but we continue

our visiting toward Vank cathedral in Julfa where is

located in Armamia quarter in Isfahan with shape store

and traditional coffee shop that you can taste Armania


At night it’s a very good chance to walk in the streets and

side of Zayandehrood river .


Isfahan –Yazd

Drive to yazd the city of wind captures and the capital of

Zoroastrain. in Yazd you will visit tamper of Silence,

Jameh mosque, Zoroastrain fire temple , Dowlat Abbad

garden and Amir Chakhmag complex .

Day 5

Yazd – Shiraz

Drive toward shiraz, on the way we will have a short stop

to visit Pasargadae and Persepolis the masterstroke of

Iran .after your visiting these site we should drive to

shiraz. the first landmark you will visit is Quran gate

where the hand – written Qurans were kept there .

After visiting this famous gate you will visit the tomb of

KHajoy e Kermani the famous poet of shiraz.

Day 6


In the sixth day we have planted full city tour in Shiraz .

The city of flower and nightingale. At first you start your

visiting from Zand complex such as bathe, mosque ,

citadel, traditional bazzar where you can buy antiques and

amazing souvenirs. Then we drive to the other quarter to

visit most famous landmarks of Qajar era such as Zinat –

al- mulk house, Nasir-al-Mulk garden. Then we drive to

Qalat for eating lunch in BORGIN a new traditional

restaurant .after eating lunch you can visit natural places

of Qalat with old ,tall, green trees and waterfalls .at night

we turn back to shiraz and after a short rest you can visit

the tomb of Saadi

Day 7


In the last day of roaming after eating breakfast we drive

toward Afif Abad  garden and Eram garden the historical

buildings with glazing and mirror work back to Qajar era.

In the evening you can visit 2 other famous landmarks of

Shiraz such as frough -Al –Mulk house that is turned to

Mishkin Fam museum and the tomb of Hafez the famous

poet of Shiraz ,then you are transferred to Shiraz airport

for departure time .