Kowsar Hotel


Isfahan kowsar hotel (*****) is located on edge of Zayandeh Rood near the historical

bridge of siosepol .At first its name was sherayeton(1972) ,after one year it was changed

to Korosh Hotel and after Islamic revolution again was renamed as Ghods Hotel and

now it is named as Kowsar Hotel.kowsar-hotel-isfehan


Restaurant, traditional restaurant, outer restaurant, fast food restaurant , coffee shop, net café, taxi

service, private parking, outdoor pool, green belt, laundry, library, prayer hall, satellite TV,

auditorium,Wireless internet, gym, sauna, tennis hall .

Distance to places.

Distance to city center :5 minutes

Distance to airport: 30 minutes

Address: Isfahan Persian kowsar hotel-melat BLV- 33 bridge Isfahan -Iran

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