Mehr Traditional Hotel

 Meher traditional hotel and restaurant

Meher traditional hotel is established in historical and adobe house in Qajar era. This

hotel is known as Yazdi jewelry house had been built about 250 years ago .

Yazdi jewelry or Yazdi Zargar was one of the most famous merchant in Iran. This hotel

is the first hotel in Iran consisted of the main yard ,orangey or Naranjestan , a long wind

catcher, very beautiful and active cellar, porch, a big hall and so beautiful roof

overlooking historical view.mehr-traditional-hotel-room-29091608


Lobby , coffee shop, housekeeping service, restaurant, travel agency , shop, net,billiards salon,

handcrafts shop, central,video system, green belt, taxi, medical service.

Room facilities

Refrigerator, hair drier , mini bar in your room, Iranian toilet ,satellite dish, telephone,

deposit cashier , bathe room, TV, air conditioner.