Four star Moshir-al- Mamalek hotel is located in an old strip(rim) of Yazd . it was the

first Iranian beautiful hotel garden in Iran. It had been built by Mirza Fath Allah

Moshir –Al-Mamalek in Qajar era.

After his death his son moved there to live and changed some places in it. now this

beautiful garden and house is turned to Moshir -Al- Mamalek hotel. this hotel garden is

so confidence and equipped to :


Prayer hall, satellite dish, ATM machine, balcony, library, bowl toilet,

Iranian toilet.

Foot and drink

Traditional tea house ,traditional restaurant ,coffee shop, summery tea

house ,summery coffee shop, breakfast in your room.moshir-almamalek-hotel-conference-51589296

Meeting and conference

Conference hall, video conference ,community hall

Out of hotel

Garden, garden space in hotel, space for walking ,outer space for eating

dinner, summery space, pool( part of the house containing a piscina)

Sporting and recreational,Sporting hall


Internet ,internet in lobby, internet in your room, Iranian movie channel,LCD TV in lobby.


Laundry, reveille service ,iron service, polishing machine, fax, exchanging,

lunch in your room, breakfast in your room, VIP room, copy, briefcase

room, preparing ticket service, bride service.

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