Persian carpets


The Persian carpets are represent of culture and art of Iran which dates back to an ancient Persian(500B)

Persian carpets and rugs make on a vertical loom but nomadic weaves make on a horizontal loom .

The other types of Persian weaves are flat weaves such as Zilu, kilim, Namad, Gabe. 

The materials used in Persian weaves are silk, wool, fine wool,cotton.

In Iran, silk comes from the Caspian region then carry to Kashan and other centers to useIMG07084326 .

Iranian carpets dye in natural dyes such as pomegranate, walnut skins, madder , ginger ….etc .

Persian weaves divided into two typs: Farsh and Qali (6 meters and greater than 6 meters )

and Qaliche (rug smaller than 6 meters).