Persian food

Iranian_Food_Taste_of_Persia_Kabab-e_Barg_Lamb_Koobideh_Joojeh_Chicken_Salad_ShiraziIranian  food

In Iran tourist can eat both traditional and modern food.Iran is


in west Asia with

various population and various food .Chelow Kabab , Ashe Sabzy, Gorme

Sabzy(stew of vegetables )

Rice and roast chicken Ghaime polo,Fesengon , Sabzy polo, Loobia polo, Baghela polo, Zereshk polo,..

are common traditional  foods  in Iran .adverimg-67004

Drinks and Desserts 

Doogh is a traditional drink in Iran .this drink is mixed of yogurt ,plain

water ,salt and dried mint.

Sharbat (the extract of herbals ) such as Kasny,Rose water (Golab), mint

or Naana ,Nastaran, Shatareh

,…. are others  traditional drinks in Iran.

one of delicious dessert in Iran is Halva 13920423000127_PhotoIkase or Halva zard  this delicious

dessert makes of flour ,suger.oil,saffron, rosewater, starchand water.Antipasto-Platter

Anothertraditional  dessert is Halva  Ardeh

that is made of sesame seed and can be used instead of break fast.

Bastany or traditional  ice cream is a cold dessert that can be used

every time. Faloodeh is another cold

dessert that 77979096329542204066171179_990makes of starch noodle,

sugar and rose water(sometimes it can be used with lemon


Bread is the production of wheat and sometimes can be used instead of rice.bread is called nan in Iran and

divided to two types:  dark and very dark bread ,light and very light   bread.

Sangak bread, Barbary bread, Boloury bread, Lavash bread, Taftoon bread are common bread in Iran


Anyway come to Iran and taste all of them, I m sure you will like them  I m waiting for you.