Royal Hotel

Royal hotel in shiraz * * * *

Royal hotel Shiraz has 8 floor which 4 floors is for rooms and the accommodation units

and a floor for the conference hall. By residence in the 4 star Royal hotel, you can visit

the sets of Vakil, Cheltan garden, home of Froqalmoulk ,Antiq mosque, the house of

Mushir, Hafezieh, and etc..

-What services are provided by the hotel?

1-Services: housekeeping services, gym, multipurpose reception hall for celebrations,

laundry.24 hour reception desk, 24- hour security, sauna and Jacuzzi .

2- Facilities: elevator, parking

3-Internet: in the rooms, in the lobby

4– Restaurant: various Iranian and foreign restaurants, coffee shops.

5– Room facilities: breakfast, daily house keeping service ,privet bathroom, toilet bowels

and Iranian, phone, TV, fridge, desktop, tea maker, satellite TV, hairdryer .

-How long does it take to get tourist attractions by car?

1- Persepolis :44 minutes(53km)

2-Qouran gate:5 minutes(2.80km)

3-Tombe of Saadi shirazy :6 minutes (2.4km)

4-tomb of Hafiz: 4 minutes (1.6 km)

5-Eram garden :6 minutes (4.5km)

6-Afif abad garden :15 minutes (9.7 km)

7-Delgosha garden: 7 minutes (3.1 km)

8-Vakil bazaar: 9 minutes (4km)

9-Nagsjh-e-Ragab:40 minutes (59.4km)

10-Nagsh-e-Rustam:41 minutes (60.8km)

Some of the most important places for travel

-City center : its located in the city center

-Bus terminal :3.8 km

-Rail way :25.8 km


Where is the hotel? Royal hotel locates in the city center and most of the attractions are

very accessible.

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