Iran is a place which you can buy souvenirs, this country is famous in arts and crafts

in the world just because of an old civilization, value culture, geographical, situation.

In Iran prices are low and quality is high the best place you can buy souvenir is bazzar

where is located in famous cites such as Shiraz ,Esfehan, Kerman,Hamedan,Kashan,.

In Shiraz and Esfehan  goods are eye catching and I know you cant reject to buy them.

Iran souvenirs consist of foods,drinks, handicrafts,which are different in cities and

produce in different parts of Iran.




Souvenir in the south of Iran (special in KHouzestan and Boushehr):

Sweets  : ground sesame sweet pasta or Halva Ardeh Sugar sweet paste, molasses and ground sesame, all kinds of traditional cookies,

Agriculture: all kinds of spice, date

Handicrafts: woven woolen cloth , matting, turnery, woven prayer-carpet, rug, short napped coarse carpet or Glim, Carpet, crochet –work, felt, glaze.

Matting and basket – weaving  are famous in Minab and Bashagard .working in gold embroidery is another beautiful handicraft ,it makes of golden and silver strap

Lengeh Harbor , Abase Harbor and Minab are  the main centers of this beautiful products.


 Souvenir in the north of Iran:


Knife ,carpet ,matting, Glim(short napped coarse carpet), all kinds of teacup base ,

tray, fork and spoon, bowl,  flower vase, picture frame that made by picot.





Northern  Khorasane

The most  famous souvenirs in northern KHorasan are saffron ,7 colors spice consists

of black pepper ,red pepper, cinnamon, turmeric, garlic powder, sumac, dried bar berry,

all kinds of perfumes

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Southern Khorasan

Bokhara plum, barberry ,walnut ,wild almond, pomegranate.



All kinds of sweets ,jam, foods, pickles, dried fruit


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Bokhara plum, sumac, almond, pumpkin



All kinds of foods materials, pomegranate, grape, raisin, walnut

Handicrafts:all kinds of carpets ,rug, Glime, mosaic, light cotton summer shoes or


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All kinds of sweets and cakes

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Glime, Gabeh, rug, carpets, Inlaid work ,turnery

Lime- juice , ver juice, distillation, cookies.








Cookie, rice sweets, date sweets, kermanshahi oil

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